what is programmatic advertising?

Programmatic advertising is the method that publishers and advertisers use to buy and sell online ads through an exchange. Use this guide to learn how it works and if it's right for your business.


what is retargeting?

Targeting potential customers on all devices means getting in front of them wherever they are, even if they start on one device and end up on another.

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Is Your Campaign Successful?

Data is crucial to evaluating a campaign's progress, but the sheer amount of available statistics can be daunting. Use this guide to help decipher the metrics of a search campaign.


what is search marketing?

Search marketing is a tactic for acquiring traffic & customers from search engines through paid and unpaid efforts. Here we break down the different components of search.


what is native advertising?

Native ads allow you to immerse your brand within a publisher's site to reach the right user, at the right time, within the right context. This winning combination drives engagement and more to enhance your campaign performance.




Mobile, search, and social media are all key in online marketing, but video has the potential to enhance each of these strategies. Video can be a key part of a dealership’s marketing efforts.



To connect with prospective students - whether they ore right out of high school or adults in search of continuing education - universities and colleges should consider using Native Advertising. Here is a look at this effective advertising opportunity.



Patient confidentiality is at the heart of HIPAA, and it should be at the heart of any related marketing campaign, too. This infographic discusses ideas on how to ensure privacy is maintained throughout a campaign.


real estate

Building effective real estate marketing campaigns means investing time and money in the right tactics that work for the agent and their target audience. Here are a few myths about real estate ads.


Digital Advertising

Outsourcing your digital advertising gives you plenty of benefits, ranging from consistent efforts to expert insight. But the key to leveraging the relationship for maximum results is choosing the right digital advertising agency. These five questions can help you evaluate whether an agency is a good fit for your business.


instagram tv

Instagram TV went live in June. For marketers, IGTV is a great opportunity to grow your brand presence for a predominately young audience that has left Facebook, Instagram’s parent, to parents and grandparents. Here’s what new about Instagram TV

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The Dos and Don’ts of Paid Search

Ensure your campaign is structured to effectively maximize your budget and increase site traffic. Use these dos and don’ts as a roadmap to paid search advertising success.


Online Consumer Purchasing Habits Survey

Online consumers today rely on the internet at every stage of their path to purchase--and that reliance grows as they get closer to actual purchase.



Ecommerce opens up a world of possibilities to explore, but there are some essential strategies to incorporate to help attract visitors and drive conversions.



With young and old flocking to social media, smart schools look to these online platforms to find potential students. Here is a look at tips for using social media to increase applications.

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2018 is a big year for politics, and a big year for changes in political advertising too. With an $8.5 billion political advertising market, here are some predictions on political advertising trends as local and state government races start to pick up steam.



Implementing and tracking marketing efforts in the healthcare industry doesn’t have to be challenging. As long as HIPAA regulations are adhered to, marketers can execute effective, innovative digital marketing strategies. Here are three top myths about healthcare marketing.


video advertising

Video advertising is growing and becoming more popular every day. The sooner your team figures out a well-rounded, cross-platform video ad strategy, the faster you’ll start to reap the benefits for your company. Here are six key elements to consider in your video advertising.


Search & Quality Score

Understanding Quality Score (QS) ratings is essential to creating successful Ads campaigns. Master these seven components to improve your overall score.


10 Email Marketing Mistakes You’re Making

The excitement to blast customers or prospects with emails to enlighten them about products or services is overwhelming. Without a proper guide to email marketing etiquette, marketers sometimes go a bit overboard.


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Missing Bing? Missing Conversions.

See how to improve your market share on search engines by 33% leveraging Bing.


Digital deep dive part 1

Learn about the marketing landscape today and how to build a successful digital campaign with RTB, social and SEM.


trends in consumer shopping

Experts from Adtaxi share tips to make the most of your ecommerce digital marketing.

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Bringing native ads into focus

Learn how to incorporate native advertising as an effective part of your digital strategy.


Digital deep dive part 2

In this educational webinar Digital Deep Dive, you will learn how the path the purchase has changed in a digital world.


video everywhere

Adtaxi's Brian Kroll teaches you how to track the success of your video campaign and more.


Common dealership seo pitfalls

In this recorded webinar, learn how to avoid these common pitfalls and ensure you're getting the most out of your SEO efforts.



webrooming vs showrooming

Most consumers factor online shopping into their purchasing decisions-- regardless of whether they make the purchase in store or online.


Dealers, Don’t Be Fooled: Preferred Vendor Programs Do More Harm Than Good

Here are the factors your dealership should be aware of before considering handing over your digital marketing to a preferred vendor program.

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navigating social media landscape

Navigating the complex maze of social media marketing can feel like an impossible puzzle to solve. This guide will show you where to start and what to look for.

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Increase Your Dealership's Digital Marketing Efficiency and Effectiveness

Auto dealers face 3 universal speed bumps when crafting a successful digital marketing strategy.


Automotive Search Engine Optimization: Here’s What Dealers Need to Know

As the internet becomes increasingly crowded and competition intensifies online in the automotive sector, implementing a thoughtful and robust search engine optimization (SEO) strategy for your dealership is more imperative than ever.